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The Gold Coast is home to many of "Man's best Friends"! We encourage all of our residents to curb and pick up after their dogs. Dog waste can pollute the water and is a source of food for rodents. By cleaning up after your dog, you will help keep our neighborhood clean and free from disease.

Rodent Control

Thanks to the city's very aggressive Rodent Control program, the total number of rats in Chicago today is less than 500,000, down from its high of 6 million in 1979. To help protect against growth, make certain you pick up after your dog and that you close your trash up in lidded containers. The Chicago's Streets and Sanitation Department will fix or replace broken garbage cans. The city also will dispatch rodent abatement crews to every reported rat sighting and place poisoned bait in rat burrows.

For Rodent Control services, call 311 and for ongoing problems, contact your Alderman's office.