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Completed Projects


Goudy Square Park Renovation

Gold Coast Neighbors gave $35,000 to the Goudy Square Park renovation project in 2014. GCNA was proud to supplement the donations given by the Chicago Parks District, Alderman Michele Smith, and funds from our friends and neighbors to the Friends of the Parks organization. All play equipment and surfaces were replaced and other repairs and upgrades were performed.



Gold Coast Neighbors has given $180,000 over the past 8 years to the Near North Preservation Coalition (NNPC). The NNPC was formed in 1997 as a response to the plans of developers to build a high-rise at 65 East Goethe and build other developments. With Tom Begel as President and its Board made up of representatives from Gold Coast Neighbors and other community organizations, the NNPC took on this development, convinced the current Aldermen of the importance of down-zoning to the neighborhood and successfully negotiated a compromise building, designed by Lucien LaGrange, that is heralded as the most recent piece of historic architecture in our area. After a 12-year effort, NNPC recently won the legal battle with Draper & Kramer over the property at Banks and Lake Shore Drive.

Charnley Persky House (1365 N Astor St)

Designed by Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, the house is a National Historic Landmark and is known as the "first modern house in America." Gold Coast Neighbors has donated funds to the Charnley Persky House for the property's plantings. The monies were used to help install 58 boxwoods along the low, wrought iron fence in front of the house.

Chicago Fire Department and Chicago Police Department

Gold Coast Neighbors supports our local Fire and Police Departments. Over the past few years we have donated a new color printer to the CAPS program, brand new dishware and cookware sets to the Fire House at Division and Larrabee and made a donation to an officer injured while on duty patrolling our streets.


In 2007, Gold Coast Neighbors supports our local Fire Departments - Engine No. 4 (Division/Larabee) and Engine No. 98 (Chicago Avenue) - by providing new pots and pans for their kitchens. In 2008 we also onated a flat-panel television set to Engine No. 88.


A building of historic significance in our area 3Arts, on North Dearborn Parkway, was in need of funds to restore a mural on their property. Gold Coast Neighbors donated funds to restore the mural to its original state. For the latest updates about the future of this magnificent structure, please visit Alderman Reilly's website.


Latin School

When the Latin School first unveiled their expansion plans for the site of the Eleanor Club in July of 2003, the design required a zoning variance to accommodate the proposed six-story Middle School. Neighbors attending the original public hearing voiced strong opposition to allowing a project to exceed the 45-foot height restriction allowed under the Near North Historic District – a designation, initiated by Alderman Burt Natarus, supported by the neighborhood and approved by the City Council. In addition to the zoning variance, neighbors were understandably concerned with the burden of increased traffic congestion.

Gold Coast Neighbors expressed their concerns to Alderman Burt Natarus and Latin School officials in a series of meetings. Responding to the issues, the Latin School revised its plans to reduce the building height by 13 feet and reduce the building area by 10,000 square feet. To address traffic management, Latin staggered dismissal times, funded a new curb cut along North Avenue and supported the increase of ticketing of traffic violators.

The Gold Coast Neighbors and the Latin School, an important part of our neighborhood's heritage, were able to reach, what we believe to be a reasonable compromise. We strongly support having the Latin School as a key neighbor and friend.


Stoplight at Burton and Lake Shore Drive

For years inner Lake Shore Drive was a source of concern and the site of many accidents due to drivers frequently traveling the road at speeds of 20mph over the posted 30mph limit. Thanks to Alderman Vi Daley and the diligence of Gold Coast Neighbor and former Board Director, Ann Marie Brown, a stoplight with a pedestrian walk button was erected at the corner of Burton and Lake Shore Drive in 2001. With traffic moving slower, both drivers and pedestrians are safer.

Lakefront Protection

In the Spring of 2001, the Chicago Park District proposed negotiating a concession agreement with the Lincoln Park Athletic Club that would have allowed for the operation of an expanded lakefront fitness center at North Avenue Beach and the addition of a rock climbing wall. Alderman Vi Daley sought the Gold Coast Neighbors' input on this proposal.

We met with representatives of the Chicago Park District and the Lincoln Park Athletic Club to discuss the impact on the neighborhood. Many of our directors and members attended the public meeting to voice strong concern with increased traffic and congestion, and the diminished overall aesthetics of the beach and Chicago skyline.

Based on the Gold Coast Neighbors' board voting to oppose the project and the dissent heard from many members at the public meeting, Alderman Daley opposed the project and it did not move forward.


Other Accomplishments

  • Sidewalk improvements along LSD and State Parkway
  • Newer iron fencing along Inner Lake Shore Drive
  • Enforcement of the signage laws
  • Twenty garbage receptacles throughout area
  • Installed three markers along Astor, designating the historic district